Company - About Us

Why choose Alliant Bank?

In our communities, there’s certainly no shortage of banks to choose from. It’s hard to go downtown without passing at least one bank. Although on the surface all banks seem similar (each boasts a nice lobby, an ATM outside, and similar rates), we hope you’ll take just a few minutes to learn why we are different. It starts at the top with our Chief Executive Officer, Community Presidents and our experienced banking team.

We understand that a lot of your banking can be done with technology (online banking, ATM, remote deposit, mobile banking - we have all the latest and greatest). But there will come a time (usually a critical one) when technology won’t do, and you need a real person. That’s when you’ll appreciate our size. With us you don’t have to navigate through automated voice menu systems trying to find someone to help you. At Alliant Bank, you deal directly with bankers who know you personally, and have the expertise and authority to make things happen—quickly.

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